People And Gardens Cricket - Charity Match

charity match

People and Gardens

In 1997 People and gardens was established in order to assist people with leaning mental health issues and disabilities to develop social skills and work to enable them to take control over their own lives. People and gardens was setup to improve emotional impairments or disabilities of the people so that new opportunities and equal choices can be develop in the workplace. The need and wants of the people are understood by the founder of the people and gardens. People and gardens is a community which runs a vegetable bag scheme, top quality bag are produce which are available for £10 for a small bag or £13 for a large one. People and garden was set by the Lorraine Radford and Ken. This is one of the most developed group which produce more than 70 households in Cornwall in a month. People and garden believe that Gardening can help you to accomplish satisfaction, self worth and sense of well-being. One can add some feel good factor in his/her life with gardening. We always believe that everyone has right to lead a fulfilling life, to be treated with respect and dignity, to make their own choices and decisions, to be valued by others etc. Those people who come at people and garden for work makes our organization special. Our schemes are always helpful because they make changes in the lives those people who have been denied opportunity.

People and Gardens Cricket - Charity Match

The cricket team of people and gardens won their charity match against the Eden project. The team has won the match by 6 runs. The match was very intrusting because it went all the way to the last ball. The match was held at St. Austell cricket club. This was 6th match between the two teams not stands at 4-2 to People and gardens.

In 20 over’s people and garden scored 165 but Eden project managing 159 so they lose the tremendous match. Some best performance given by Eden opener Combative and Jed Langdon. All-rounder Dave Harland was also contributed in the overall team performance. While on the other hand fabulous performance given by the People and Gardens cultured batsman Rob Woolcock, james Kirwan and captain nick Dorson.

The occasion is a pledge drive for People and Gardens, a venture which gives individuals with physical and enthusiastic weaknesses the chance to take in all parts of developing and offering vegetables, while building up their certainty levels as well. The idea for the match was fabricated by the avid cricket fan, Bill Simpson, development manager and coach of people and gardens.

Bill said it was a very close match in this series and people and garden team is very happy that they have won the series by 4-2. Bill said that the team was working really hard since last year and everyone gave their best performance in this match. We hope that everyone enjoyed the match and thanks for the St. Austell cricket club for letting us to use their pavilion and pitch for the day.

The group has helped more than 150 individuals to make genuine upgrades in their lives and some of these individuals have gone ahead to live freely, to concentrate on study and discover occupations.

People and garden cannot operate without the help of our donors so big thanks to all of them. We are rally blessed and grateful for the private donations that we have received over years. List of great donors are listed below.

  • Norman trust
  • The Claire Milne trust
  • Stander bank PLC
  • Alchemy foundation
  • Bliss family trust
  • Baily Thomas foundation
  • The brook trust
  • The Norda trust
  • James Inglis trust
  • Co-operative bank
  • Evan Cornish foundation
  • The W O street charitable foundation

From the above discussion we came to know about the people and garden community which works for needy peoples. The organization was set to improve the lives of people in Cornwall. While on the other hand we also came to know about the donors of people and garden. The above discussions also describing the importance of charity match which was played between people and garden VS Eden Project. The main aim of the people and garden is to assist those people lives, who are disabled; improve their social and mental skills etc. the above discussion containing very important information about the people and garden community.